Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sew Spoiled Pouch Cubed Tutorial

Tutorial Here: Sew Spoiled Pouch Cubed
The Pouch Cubed is a fun sized pouch to make and use! My daughter has one attached to her backpack, using a split key ring, for small toys and/or money needed for school. You can also use it for small devices, stickers, marbles, pacifiers, rocks, snacks (in a ziplock), Poly Pocket and her accessories, small bouncy balls, lipstick, makeup, post-it notes, paper clips, candy, doggy clean-up bags and collectibles. 
Let me know if you find more fun sized uses for the Pouch Cubed! Also if you make a Pouch Cubed please add it to the Flickr: The your Sew Spoiled projects! Pool. I would love to see your pouches and uses!
Happy Sewing!


Majormom said...

Hi Leah!
Sandy here! (majormom!)... is this where one enters for the fabulous August giveaway? I hope so!!!

UEMURA (may) said...

Thank you for wonderful tutorial!! Since I am a sewing beginner, your clear instruction and pictures helped me a lot. This is my pouch cubed! thanks!

Juanita said...

Thanks so much for the tutorials. My niece lost all of her clothes in a fire recently and the tutorials on bags will be a great treat for her. Can not wait to get started on making them. Thanks again.