Friday, August 3, 2012

Bedtime Story Reading; Frog and Toad

Last night we made up different games for each Frog and Toad story. Here are some of the games we played. When reading if you have a wiggler, like mine, you might hold their attention if you make it a game.
Game #1: Player1 (or Boys) say, "Frog" and Player2 (or Girls) say, "Toad".
Game #2: Play1 reads Frog's passages and Player2 reads Toad's passages.
Game #3: After reading everything on the page, Player1 has to add one sentence, Player2 does the same after the next two pages.
Game #4: Player1 has to hop on the ? and Player2 has to hop on the !
These are fun and easy games to keep your little ones involved while you read. What reading games do you use?

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