Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Invisible Zippers Are Not Scary Tutorial

Do zippers make you nervous? When you see a zipper is involved in a project, do you put it back on the shelf? There is no need to feel intimidated any more. After you see how easy it is you will want to put invisible zippers in all of you garments. Let's get started!
 Step 1: Iron the teeth away from the zipper tape. There is a grove beside the teeth and that is where you want your stitched to go in the "stitch ditch". That is why we are ironing it so the ditch is larger.
✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄
 Step 2: Pin the invisible zipper to the right side of the fabric. The zipper teeth are facing away from the opening. Start at the top of the project and pin down.
✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄
 Step 3: Place your invisible zipper presser foot onto the shank of your machine. This little foot makes sewing invisible zippers super easy. It has special cuts below to guide the teeth away from the tape so you can stitch close to the teeth. You can use a normal zipper foot too but the invisible foot will save you time. They are not expensive either. I bought mine for $3.
✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄
 Step 4: Sew the right side on first. Place the zipper teeth into the groove under the invisible zipper presser foot. Sew all the way to the end of the zipper pull.
✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄
Step 5: Sew the left side, top to the zipper pull.
✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄
Step 6: Place your original zipper foot on your machine. Put the two project pieces together and pin. Start at the bottom of your project and sew up to the zipper  just past the end of your zipper stitching.
It is perfect every time!

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