Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sew Spoiled's Top 5 Apps for Little Ones

Letter School
This app helps your little one learn how to write their uppercase, lowercase and numbers! Make sure to use a stylus to help with pinching skills for writing.
Starfall ABC's or get the app
Starfall has videos, games and stories about each letter. 
Our school system has used Starfall for many years.
Super Why!
This app comes from the Super Why tv show.
Your little one will earn stickers when they are successful in the game.
Learning Time
I like this app because it was easy for my 5 year old to learn more about time.
I love the stages of learning that is set up in this game. 
Melody Street, Mozart Interactive Video App
Of course, I would have to show you a music app. I have tested and tried this one with my music elementary students and they love it! You can choose a new instrument character to join in the video fun as you watch the show!
If you need the perfect iPad case the, sewing pattern is available here. If you don't sew I would love to make you a case, it is available hereThese are great educational apps for ages 3-6. Hope you enjoy!


Ginger said...

Thanks for the recommendations. With a preschooler I'll check them out. So far TeachMe: Toddler is a big hit in our house.

Sew Spoiled said...

I downloaded TeachMe; Kindergarten this morning and my 5 year old loved it!! Thank you sooo much for the suggestion! Plus it would work for a classroom teacher because you could add each student in your class with their picture! Thanks Ginger!