Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hunter's Bag

Earlier this summer my father in law asked if I could make a hunter's bag. He did not want it in leather and it needed a lot of pockets for different items he wanted to carry inside. 
His birthday was in July and we had a huge southern style pig pickin with all of the trimmings. 
This is the real deal, the pig on the cooker. Slowly cooked all day. The BBQ was so good!
The hunter's bag had an adjustable strap, 7 pockets (1 zipper) and a magnet clasp. I think it might be harder to make a man's bag than a woman's bag. I also made it wide enough to stand on it's own. It is fun to just create something without a pattern or template, just shapes. Each piece made to fit the next. I wish I had taken more pictures but I created it so quickly, I forgot I had my camera. Sorry! I think I enjoy sewing the most when it is for someone else. I love to give handmade gifts because I feel like it is something special no one else can give. 
Happy Sewing!

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Elli Chase Designs said...

Great looking bag! That's very cool that you made that bag without a pattern! I'm always sewing things without patterns. But I don't think I could do something like that without a pattern. Great Job!!