Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chevron Scarf Tutorial

I made this scarf after making a chevron dress. I love to try to make as much as possible from one piece of fabric and see how far you can stretch your money. Here is how you can make your own Chevron Scarf.
2 Yards of Chevron Fabric 
I bought mine at Girl Charlee. When you sign up as a new customer you receive a coupon! Love that!
Matching thread
Step 1: Cut out 72" by 20". You will need 2 yards of chevron to make this scarf, so that the horizontal lines will go horizontal. (Since most knit fabrics are 58" wide you could make 2 possibly 3 scarves. The third one being 18" wide, 2" smaller.)
Step 2: Embroider the scarf with initials. I placed it around my neck to see where I should embroider, then I marked it with chalk.
Step 3: Fold the 20"X 72" so that it measures 10"X 72". Sew right sides together, making sure to line up the chevron lines.
Step 4: Flip the tube right side out.
Step 5: Fold one end .5" and place the other side of the tube inside the .5" side fold. Pin and topstitch the scarf opening closed.
You are Done!

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