Monday, February 10, 2014

Washi Expansion Pack

So is the expansion pack worth the extra $14? 
I made this grey dress in about 3 hours. The expansion pack has 3 new looks for your Washi Dresses; the Peter Pan collar, long sleeves and new 2 different tie styles. This is one of my favorite dress patterns to make. It is super easy, feels comfortable to wear and has a variety of different looks in one pattern.
When I say it is super easy, I mean there are just a few pattern pieces to sew together and the instructions are easy to follow. Also if you are a little scared of the shirring part, in the expansion pack, Rae will show you how to make a casing for elastic along the back of the dress. Once you have cut out the pieces it should take you about 3 hours to sew.
This dress is so comfortable to wear. I am a K-5 music teacher and typically I do not wear dresses or even skirts because in an eight hour school day; I dance, play instruments and have to sit on the floor from time to time. In this dress I can look professional and feel comfortable enough to play with the kids. I love the pockets. Not all dresses have pockets.
The variety of looks from the Washi dress/ top pattern are endless. I have made 9 washi dresses/ tops and they all look totally different. I don't feel like a character of a sitcom wearing the same outfit over and over. When you make dress from the same pattern over and over the process gets faster and you start to make it your own by making changes. Of course I love that Rae, the designer of the Washi dress, not only did this but also shared her changes with us.
In short, I love this pattern. I am sure that I will be making many more Washi dresses!

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