Monday, February 24, 2014

Sewing with Horizontal Lines

 Lately, I have been on a Plantain Shirt Pattern kick. This wonderful pattern was written by Deer and Doe pattern co. and I love the fit. My favorite outfit is a t-shirt and jeans and know I have the perfect t-shirt pattern, I am half way there, right! So I found three knit prints at they are all from Riley and Blake's collection. Shopping for knit fabric online can be scary. I look for key words like medium or lightweight, 95% cotton and 5% lycra, 4-way stretch and project suggestions, hopefully t-shirts is one.  
 Once I received my knit fabrics, I realize that most of them were horizontal lines! Aaahh! To match up the lines on your t-shirt, cut out the back panel then place it on top of the fabric again and match the stripes under the arm. Once everything is lined up place the front template on top (make sure the underarm lines line up the same way as the back panel) and cut.
This is a picture of the collar being sewn together. I serge after the step and use a double needle to topstitch. 
You can use this same technique to line up chevron lines too. 
Happy Sewing!

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Masha said...

I love your striped shirts. I have been on a striped Plantain kick lately too and I admit my stripe-matching has not been perfect.