Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hamilton Beach Durathon Iron

I recently received the Durathon Hamilton Beach Iron. It has a new non-stick scratch resistant plate, an extra long cord good for quilting, and a 3 way shut off system.
Honestly, I like the steel plate irons. Steel plates are easy to clean the sticky residue off with a magic eraser. The Durathon has a new non-stick surface and it had a terrible smell when I first used it. I had to turn on a fan and open a window the first few uses. 

However, when I started to use the Durathon iron it had one feature that will make me shop for irons differently. The light system is amazing!! I can not believe they don't even mention it in the features product list. I don't know about you but I don't aways read the manuals. I know I should but who has time for that. Most iron manuals tell you to allow the iron to get hot 2-3 minutes and then use it for your project. The Durathon is the first iron that told me when it was ready to be use. A light flashes until it is ready to use, when the light shines it can iron your fabric.  I imagine this cuts down on the leaking problem that most of my irons have.  (Ok, I have. I don't wait for the iron to get hot, the water has to heat up to steam, so when I go to press my fabric water leaks everywhere.) Now I wait for the light to shine and I know it will do a great job. The light system is also great for remembering to shut off the iron. I just press it to the blue light and it cools off to be put away. The Durathon also has a three way shut off. If the iron is motionless for 30 sec. on the soleplate, 30 sec. on either side or 15 minutes resting on it's heel then it will shut off.
Iron Tips:
  1. Set your iron board to the height where your elbows bend at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Don't iron in circular motions, iron lengthwise.
  3. Always check the soleplate to see if it needs cleaning before ironing fabric.
  4. Cotton and linen fabric should be slightly damp to iron. Either spray it with water or steam it for faster, easier ironing.
  5. Ironing and pressing are two separate terms. When ironing, you move the iron around slowly. When pressing you rest the iron over the fabric for a few seconds, lift up and repeat. Ironing Tips found from the Durathon Iron Manual.

Don't forget to make your own iron cover with the Sew Spoiled Slip Cover Tutorial.

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