Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tackling Laundry

Here are a few tips to tackling that laundry pile! I am not the best housekeeper but these seem to help me a lot and I thought I would share!
Tips and Tricks!
1. Clean the largest fabrics first. Sheet and towels make a laundry pile look larger than it is. If you clean them first you will start to see that your pile of clothes is a lot smaller.
2. Recruit - get help! I have sock keepers! My least favorite laundry job is putting the sock pairs together. I have a reward system for my daughters, for each pair of socks they match, they get M&Ms.
3. Hang up everything you can. If you have space hang up your clothes! It takes less time to search for what you want to wear in the mornings. Also, you will spend less time on hanging, than you would folding and putting away.
4. Give away clothes you do not wear! Good Will and Consignment shops are great places to get rid of unwanted clothes.
5. Play your favorite tunes and make it a workout time with dance moves!
6. Reward yourself! I learn this from my first clarinet teacher! He would tell me to practice a passage over and over, 100 times perfectly and then get some ice cream. So treat yourself after you have finished.
7.Get the best fabric softener that smells good to you. Did you know that women smell better than men? It is true! Here is proof.
http://www.scientificamerican.com/podcast/episode.cfm?id=women-smell-better-than-men-09-04-09 If you enjoy the way your clothes smell you might enjoy putting them away!
8. Remember to be thankful! If you just step back and remember how blessed you are to have clothes (and clean clothes) you might appreciate doing laundry more.
Enjoy Life!

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