Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Giveaway!{CLOSED}

These are the most comfortable PJ Pants I have ever made. 
They are super soft and a great fit!
I put them on and my husband looked at me funny and said, “Are those pants or pj pants.” After I said, “PJ pants” he seem to sigh a relief. I love color and fun fabrics! Men are so funny.
My three year old has wanted to do Everything by Herself. Even if she cannot do it on her own. I have tried to let her do things on her own but it is so hard! 
This is how she tied her shoes! I love it, so inventive!
Now for the Sew Spoiled Giveaway!
At the end of each month I have a giveaway!
September giveaway is a Sew Spoiled 3 epattern Bundle package to one lucky winner.
The giveaway will run through midnight on September 30, 2010 with the winner being announced on October 1 ,2010. The winner will be chosen using Random.org.
We will send it October 2 ,2010! All friends are welcome! 
What do you have to do to enter to win??

Do you have a funny family story???? 
Please share a funny family story and leave your email address, 
only one entry per person.
Good Luck!


Shiny Green Penny said...

In our family we really value safety and wear helmets for every sport possible - and we ALL wear bike helmets when riding.

My two old decided to ride his push car down the biggest hill near our house. I declared this unsafe. He left and went off to play with his sister, or so I thought.

Minutes later, he returned. With the help of his 4 year old sister he had put on his bike helmet, returned to his plastic car, jumped in, and proceeded to take off down the hill, calling out "safe, safe now mommy, safe!".

Bethany said...

My sister is famous in my family for sleep walking. She used to scare the bejeesus out of me because my overactive imagination would make me think she was a house invader. Anyway, one night she took her doll bed, blankets, and a few other things and arranged them all neatly in the doorway of the bathroom, tucking the doll in and everything. She then proceeded to go downstairs where she asked my dad (who was in the kitchen working late) "Where's my coffee?" to which he replied "What are you doing up at 1 am?" She said "Dad. I always get up before I go to school." She eventually made it back to bed. I still crack up when I think about this one.

Twins Squared said...

Once when my grandmother was in her early 70's, she visited the Miami Sea Aquarium with one of her girlfriends. This friend's daughter worked there. After one of the killer whale shows, my grandmother and her friend were allowed to go out on one of the floating docks to get a closer look at the whales. My grandmother accidentally fell into the whale tank!! She was laughing so hard that she couldn't get out for a bit. Everyone thought that it was part of the show. My grandmother had to drive home soaking wet, smelling of fish and laughing her head off.

Jennifer said...

When we had our daughter we followed our friend's lead and blocked her into the living room with an abundance of gates that resembled Fort Knox. One day I walked down the stairs to discover my not yet walking nine month old in the middle of my dining room table. How in the world did she get on there I wondered?!! The table doubled as my sewing area so she was sitting there playing with pins, elastic, thread, ect... I removed her from the table and placed her back in the living room. Moments later the little Houdini did it again. This time I took pictures as she scaled the baby gate, climbed onto the dog kennel (we lived in a tiny British house with no space for the dogs), crossed the 6" gap and got onto the table. Once the camera was put down the dog kennel was moved. =)
On another occasion Fort Knox had expanded a little to include the dining room. I'm again upstairs when I hear a ruckus going on with the dogs. Knowing our male is aggressing to children, even mine, I ran down the stairs to see what was the matter. Somehow my one year old had opened the dog kennel, crawled in with our two dogs, the male ran out, then she re-latched it. I have a picture of her sitting in the kennel with our female. She's priceless and so are the pictures.
njclark8203 (@) aol.com

Toni Searle said...

My son had the same I want to do it myself attitude when he was little. One day I let him dress himself ready to go to a big indoor play centre.
The t shirt had a collar so I thought everything would be ok. Noooooo, he put it on inside out and I didn't have the heart to change it.
So off to the play centre we went, with many smiling Mums acknowledging my bravery for him to be a little different for the day!

Mama Lusco said...

When my son was 2,3,4 years old, he thought it was funny to call me "Hot Mama" just like Daddy did. Not so funny for me as he says Hot Mama as I'm shopping :) Thanks for the great giveaway! mamalusco @ ortelco.net

OneDayItWillBeAlright said...

My Grandson is two and is starting to like to dress himself. We were on the way out the door and he wanted to pick the shoes he was going to wear. He choose one snow boot and one hiking boot. His mom wanted him to put his sneakers on but he wanted none of it. We let him go to the car like that but brought his sneakers in the diaper bag. He did look cute though.

onedayitwillbealright @ gmail dot com

Jennwith4 said...

I can't think of a funny family story right now. My brain isn't working at it's best at this time of night. =)

Fat Chick Design said...

My daughter sat at the table recently and said 'Mummy, I am a bit worried about you and daddy getting married'
I asked her way, to which she replied
'when my name changes no one t school will know who I am'.
I said not to worry, it was only her second name that would change, she would still be Kaya.
She said 'oh, I thought I would be called Lilly'.
Classic :)

Jenn said...

well...I am the mom to two little boys and love all things girly, really.....I am not a bugs, dirt outdoors kind of girl.
So this summer while we were out playing in puddles, I realize my kids hair was getting really long, and my husband, of course thought they looked fine...so I asked my 3 and 1 year olds if they wanted to look pretty for daddy...Jonas says Yes and Cole nods.
So up on top of their little heads went tiny pony tails...and they ran up to daddy and both said "pretty!", we of course had to video tape it, them running around with their pony tails yelling, pretty pretty!
And now, their hair is cut....and it is their favorite game to play...pretty.
I should post pics of them on my blog :-)

Jackie said...

I received the apron I won in your blog giveaway in august. i love it thank you and yet here i am again hoping to win again, can lightening/Mr. random stike twice- i hope so!!

Maggie said...

The only funny family story I can think of is this:
When I was teaching, one of my fellow instructors was lactose intolerant. I commented about this to my husband and wondered if he had a similar problem since he was having some gassy issues.
A couple of days later he called me at work and said he was having a problem.
"What problem?" I asked him.
"You know, THAT problem. I think I am lactating."

Boy did he get it wrong!

Maggie said...

Forgot my email:

Becky said...

I could spend hours telling funny family stories. We are a multi-generational funny bunch of people. And so is the family I married!

Way back in the late 60's my then 60+ [Grand]Mama and her 60ish Sister, Aunt Birdie, decided to drive from North Carolina to Florida to see one of their other Sisters. Aunt Birdie's 40ish confirmed bachelor son, Harry, was drafted to go along and help with the driving.

Mind you, this was before I-95 was fully constructed so there were many back roads traveled.

Somewhere in Georgia, everyone needed a pit stop. They stopped at a small shopping center with a diner, a gas station and a few stores. After lunch they decided to browse the stores.

Always the pranksters, Mama and Aunt Birdie decided to don platinum blonde "hussy looking" wigs. (Their words.)

They walked up to poor cousin Harry and asked if he could give them a ride to Florida. Flustered beyond belief and not even recognizing his own Mother, Harry quickly blurted "No I can't I am with a couple of very nice old ladies!" and ran from the store.

Mama and Aunt Birdie took off the wigs as they laughed so hard they said it hurt. They met Harry at the car and asked why he looked so upset.

He was red as a beet and finally confessed that 2 ladies of ill-repute had tried to proposition him. Mama and Aunt Birdie did their best not to laugh.

They didn't confess until they arrived at Aunt Nannie's home.

Anonymous said...

When my daughter was about 1 1/2, I was in the kitchen working on dishes. I heard this strange mewing sound coming from the bathroom. After a few minutes I decided to investigate, and found that my daughter had managed to crawl up into the towel, and had gotten herself stuck in the bowl. it was a little scary at the time, cause I had to soap her down to get her out, but once out we both had a huge laugh over it. Then really funny thing is that she wasn't scared or anything. The noise she was making was cause she couldn't move to get to the water. lol

Melissa said...

I used to check all my mom's clothing to make sure it was proper to go out. Nothing too showy or too thin was allowed. Yes, I was a tough kid on my parents! lol

Sandy said...

My husband and I were camping this summer and I was in the trailer washing the dishes from lunch. I hear what sounded like a woman screaming "snake, snake"! I turned around to see my husband go streaking past the trailer door. Yes, the "woman" was my dear, sweet, manly-man hubby! If you hadn't already guessed by now, he is deathly afraid of snakes.=)


Sassy Gal said...

When my daughter was 2 and a half she looked at my husband and said "iceetoo" and put her had hand out to him. My husband asked her to repeat what she said. She had to say it about four more times. "iceetoo" with her hand out. She was mimicking what she saw daddy doing at church. Nice to meet you, while shaking hands with someone. She is so cute.

Kristen Foster

Ginger said...

The funniest thing that happened today was watching my 2 year old imitating my DH on the phone. I think this is the best age, everything they do is so cute!
ginger c at gmail dot com

Carla S said...

When my now 12-year-old grandson came to live with me at the age of 4, I was big into cooking shows. Emeril (kick it up a notch!), Iron Chef, you name it. My grandson watched right along with me. One day I ordered chinese food to be delivered. When they came to the door, I slid out and closed the door so the dog wouldn't get out. My grandson was watching through the window in the door on the other side impatiently saying "Grandma, who is it?" over and over. When I came back in he said, "Oh! It was the Iron Chef!" I laugh to this day about that one :)

Thanks for letting me share!

pal732 at gmail dot com

The Journey said...

When my children were young- when I need few moments of quiet, I hung out in the bathroom locked door, they were not to holler at me unless they were bleeding or the house was burning down or sibling was beating them up. Well I stayed few min. too long once, My 3 yr old daughter got in frig. and took big tub of Margarine and buttered her sheets.

Linda in IN

Liz said...

I come from a family of heavy sleepers--as in, I've been known not only to turn off alarm clocks in my sleep but at least once to get up, walk across the room and unplug an alarm clock when I couldn't figure out how to turn it off, all without really waking up. Once my mother was taking a nap and I had to wake her up at a certain time, so I tried turning on the lamp next to her bed. It didn't work--she just mumbled something incoherent and then said, "TURN the dinosaur OFF!" Calling lamps "dinosaurs" became an in-joke for several years--at least I thought it was funny!

AKing said...

I remember one night, 2 of my sisters and I were all sleeping together on the floor - both sets grandparents must have been staying with us. Anyway, my youngest sister was know to talk in her sleep. She started petting the middle sister and saying "pretty kitty, pretty kitty". Then she sat straight up and yelled "Mom, the corn's done!" We still giggle about that 15 years later.

susan@tickledpaisley said...

My grandfather was the funniest man and really had the best stories (most of them at his expense). One day as he was leaving for work, he walked around his car that was in the driveway to take the garbage to the curb. While doing that, he saw someone driving a car that looked exactly like his (and he thought it was his) so he started running after it, put his hand into the open window and tried to grab the steering wheel to "stop the person steeling his car". His neighbor looked at him like he was a nut! He's not with us anymore but his humor is with us every day!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

I love your toddlers creative shoe tying! My almost 2 year old just learned how to take her pants OFF by herself! Which is a great accomoplishment, except that she sometimes does it at inappropriate times. Like at the supermarket. Or the playground. :)