Sunday, September 19, 2010



My hubby and I had a weekend getaway! It was wonderful! We have not been on a vacation trip together since the girls were born. We spent the entire weekend in the mountains and it was beautiful! The crisp mountain air, leaves beginning to turn and art festivals made our trip perfect. Here are some pictures from our weekend getaway!


This was our view from the cabin!


This is the Church of Frescos. It is beautiful inside and out.


This is the inside!

Have you ever gone on a weekend getaway? Where did you go and what was the best part of your trip?



Bethany said...

This past spring I went to the mountains by myself for a weekend. The best parts were a huge comfy bed to myself, and a deelish ice cream sundae, all for me.

celkalee said...

while I can't call my trip this week-end a vacation, it was a much needed day trip. We sent to WVA to ride a 100 year old train. Scenery was beautiful, leaves just thinking about turning and met some lovely people who shared interest in old locomotives. My sewing sat waiting at home for an inspired me to return and get back to work!