Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Embroider Your Own Stockings Tutorial, Part 2

So we left here at this point yesterday with Part 1 tutorial showing us how to set up your machine. Today we will embroider the stockings.
Make sure you have loaded on your embroidery machine the letters you need for your family’s names.
Some machines have built in fonts.
Step 1: Mark the center of the stocking cuff with a water soluble pen.
The first stocking I embroidered, I drew an arrow so I did not forget the correct direction of the cuff for my letters.
Step 2: With the seam ripper take the cuff off of the stocking.
Step 3: The cuff is a large loop, with the seam ripper open up the loop. Now it will lay flat under the embroidery machine.
Step 4: Place the white cuff fabric over the interfacing in your hoop. Make sure the water soluble mark is under your embroidery foot. Use the free basting stitches at Swak Embroidery to secure the fabric to the interfacing in the hoop or spray adhesive to stick the fabric to the interfacing.
Step 5: If your letters are all together and you can program your machine to stitch them at the same time, look over this step. If you downloaded the Curls Font to your machine and each letter is a separate design. Start with the middle letter of the name and work outwards.
I am spelling Dad here, so I started with “a”.
Step 6: Finish your design on the cuff and take it off the hoop
Step 7: Sew the cuff back into a loop again. Follow the old seam line.
Step 8: Pin together the stocking lining side out, the cuff wrong side out with the loop sandwiched in between. Sew around the cuff. Flip the stocking right side out and hang by the fireplace!
I hope you give this a try. If you embroider your stocking this holiday season using this tutorial please add your photos to the Your Sew Spoiled Projects Flickr group!
Happy Embroidering!


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Brye said...

Great tutorial! Thank you sew much. I will try this on my next stockings

Anonymous said...

This is nice! I would love to make some personalized stockings for Christmas!
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