Saturday, November 20, 2010

Village Frock Update!

After the blog comments I received, I did some more research and emailed Daniela from Seek Yogic Style! Here is her response!Screenshot2010-11-20at6.31.41PM-2010-11-20-18-30.png
Of course I could not wait! I love the challenge of trying to figure the Village Frock out! I think I am pretty close!
Thank you for your posts and I’ll keep you posted!
No more blues!
Happy Sewing,


Olga said...

I'm so happy that you find the way to get that lovely pattern! And it is great that you'll receive it soon :))
Sorry cause of my doubled comments. For some reason they didn't show up when I have posted them, and I really wanted you to have those infos. Maybe one day, if I gave a birth to a daughter, I'll ask you to share this pattern with me ;)

sertyan said...


You inspired me to make my own Village Frock Wannabe, you can see my finished frock here:-

Bella Bambino said...

leah, i am on the same list, did you ever get the pattern???

Sew Spoiled said...

Bella Bambino~ I never received the pattern. So I recreated it with free tutorials I found online.