Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Village Frock Finished!

Yeah! I bought more fabric and finish it last night! This picture was taken this morning in the rush to school but she is adorable. I am so excited that it turned out so lovely. The templates I used were from free tutorial by Simply Together. The translated version of Mizoal and Kleinerkarl’s Village Frock tutorial helped me piece together how to make the Village Frock. (Thank you Olga for your post!) The pictures from the Sugar City Dresses Flickr Group gave me the inspiration to continue to the end! I should receive the true Village Frock pattern from someone in New Zealand! I am still excited. I love reading patterns because there are so many ways to get the same result. Can’t wait to see how it was written.
I love the adult size Village Frock tunic by ZaViBaby. I will have to give it s try!
Happy Sewing!


Molly said...

That looks so great! I am inspired!

Twins Squared said...

OOOh, it turned out so cute! Great job.

Ginger said...

Great job! You should make the adult version for yourself.

Larissa said...

such cheerful colors! Love the expression on her precious face!

Sandi said...

I'm so happy that I found your post. I love the Village Frock and I'm excited to make this using the free pattern and Olga's tutorial as a guide!

Valorie said...

Just came across your version of the frock. It turned out so cute. Glad my pattern pieces could help you!