Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shirred Knit Scarf Tutorial!

This shirred scarf tutorial is for little ones! I would make these for kids between the ages of 3-teen. If you are an adult and would like to make one for yourself or for an older teenager double the length by sewing two 54”X 7” panels together and then follow the directions through to the end.
Finished shirred scarf for kids measures approximately 30”X 7” and adults measures approximately 50”X 7”.
1/4 yard for kids or 1/2 yard for adults of Knit Fabric.
Elastic Thread
Step 1:
Wash your fabric, the knit fabric will shrink.
Cut the knit fabric across the width, measuring approximately 54” X 7”.
Step 2:
Serge the 54” sides of the fabric strip. (Due to the knit fabric you could forgo this step, especially if you do not own a serger.)
Step 3:
Prepare the sewing machine for shirring. Wind the bobbin by hand with elastic thread, check the tension of your machine and thread the upper thread of the machine normally. (Test on a scrap piece of fabric.) If you have a brother machine go here for some extra tips!
Step 4:
Shirr the scarf 2” from the serged edge along both sides. (I used the metal plate on my sewing machine as a guide.)
Then shirr once more down the middle, between the first two shirred lines. This will create the gathered ruffle look! Trim the excess threads.
Step 5:
Take out the elastic bobbin and set up the sewing machine to sew normally.
Roll over the short 7” ends twice, pin in place and sew. (I like to sew repeatedly over the shirred lines to make sure the elastic thread stays in place.)
You are all done!!! Shirred Scarves will make great quick and easy gifts for the holiday season!
If your little one has a special friend to buy a gift for this holiday season give them a cute shirred scarf!
If you make a Shirred Scarf, post your creation to your Sew Spoiled Projects! It is a flickr group set up for Sew Spoiled blog readers who make projects from Sew Spoiled Tutorials and Patterns. Simply join the group and add your pictures! I will post pictures from the group to show off your work.
Happy Sewing!


Twins Squared said...

Cute idea! Thanks for the tutorial.

Mychel said...

Those are awesome!Gotta make me some :D