Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Sewing Patterns and Collections

I love I started collecting epatterns at YCMT and then began writing my own in 2008.
Apron in an Hour by Jona Giammalva
This is always my first suggestion to any beginner seamstress!
Please take a look at my other free Sew Spoiled Tutorials.
Creative Little Daisy Tutorials by Creative Little Daisy
She too is from NC, I love Autum’s blog!
The first project you make to wear should be a Skirt!
This site has everything but I love all of the sewing for charity tutorials!
This is where I found a plastic grocery bag holder tutorial but it has tons of tutorials.
She has such a cute sense of style! I made this hat from one of her summer tutorials.
This is only one of many tutorials in this collection. Also she has collected tutorials from all around the world!
I hope you enjoy these sites.


Sandy said...

Another great post! I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed all your posts this week, some great information and resources that this newbie sewer really appreciates! Thank you so much :)

Sew Spoiled said...

Thanks Sandy! I meant to post this Friday but my daughters birthday party was Saturday and we were so busy getting ready for it, I lost track of time. Next week I am going over how to read a pattern. Can't wait to share more!

sanam arzoo said...

Love the poke holder! i am exploitation Feebly, and you are already in it as a result of I migrated all of my feeds from Google Reader. it's formally changed to the Feebly Cloud, therefore i am sensible to travel.handbag holder As for foundation piecing, I prefer using a freezer paper method because I can reuse the foundations as many as ten times.You are so creative and genius! These are so cute! It was great shopping with you a bit. I'm glad you were able to make it down.