Friday, September 9, 2011

The Sharp Stuff

Rotary Cutter- Cuts fabric on a cutting mat for sewing projects. Blades can be 18mm to 60mm in diameter. Smaller diameter blades are great for curves. Large diameter blades are perfect for thick fabrics or interfacing. Make sure to read about how the safety latch works with your blade.
Safety latches cover the blade when not it is not in use.
Rotary Mat- Mats are different shapes and sizes! Larger mats are fantastic for larger projects like dresses and skirts. Small mats are ideal for small projects like wallets, mini purses and gadget device covers.
Pinking Shears are scissors with sawlike teeth. Uses include clipping excess seam allowance, usually on a curve or cutting woven fabric to keep threads from fraying.
Scissors are a seamstress’s best friend. Make sure you keep them away from paper. Paper dulls fabric scissors.
Pins come in so many shapes and sizes. A Pin for Every Purpose by Threads has a great article on all the different types and how to pin in different situations.
Seam Ripper- The seamstress’s magic eraser is the Seam Ripper. If you make a mistake 90% of the time you can rip it out and try again.
If you make a mistake, just remember you have learned something new!!!!
If you have little ones make sure that you place your cutting tools super high, shelving works best. I have a magnet that I sweep the floor with to catch pins that have fallen off my work space.
Next week our Sew Teach Me series continues with where to find the best beginner sewing projects!! I will link and list the best books, websites and video tutorials. Even if you are an experienced seamstress you may want to explore these resources.
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Mirna said...

One piece of advice- Make a list of the most important supplies you will need: rotary cutter, extra blades for rotary cutter,good scissors, pins, rotary cutter pad (self healing, measuring tape,pin cushion,machine needles, etc. Then hopefully you have a Walmart near that still has sewing area.Get as many of these items there. They are usually much cheaper for the same brands. This will leave you more funds for GREAT FABRIC..Don't use cheap fabric unless you are just testing a pattern. Well made fabric will give your end project that professional appearance and will last.