Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let's Talk Fabric Shops

Fabric is super important when it comes to sewing. If you buy poor quality fabrics you will notice the color fades quickly, the bobbin casing gets clogged with huge dust bunnies and you might even loose interest of a potentially cute project. That is why I like to buy fabric online or from local fabric shops. It is also great to support these smaller shops because many of them are WAHMs (Working At Home Mom’s) and/or local people in your own community. I have also experienced better customer service with these types of shops.
Recently, at a large fabric store, who will remain nameless. I saw a fellow seamstress ask for help. The manager was on the phone and the register line started to back up. The fellow seamstress had bought an Amy Butler pattern and wanted to find the fabric on the cover. The register line was beginning to get long, the manager said that she could not help her and then proceeded to ignore her. The seamstress left the shop in distress going straight out the door. If you are not receiving good customer service, please choose to shop for fabric somewhere else. You deserve great customer service with people who know and love to sew.
Many brick and mortar fabric stores owned privately have fun sewing classes you can attend. Sewing has throughout history been a social experience, example quilting. Many classes start with you bringing your own machine from home and learning how to use it by making a simple pattern. In a class you will feel empowered to try new things and the fabric is right there, so they can help you choose your supplies. Fabric shopping should be fun and exciting.
The possibilities are endless!



Quilter Beth said...

I try to support my local quilt shops because they are not only the source for quality fabric but for great customer service, personal care, inspiration, ideas, classes, and SO much more. I also like to be able to view (in person) samples of the projects/patterns available.

joen said...

Totally agree! I have a local shop that opened recently and purchased wonderful fabrics (cashmere wool, ponte knits, faux fur, etc.) I have taken classes to increase my sewing know-how, the best part was meeting other women with a love of sewing we even formed a group called savvy sewers and meet once a month. The owner lead us on a field trip to NYC fabric district and we are planning another one to the Philadelphia Fabric District this glad I popped into "Just Make It Sew" and found new friends as well as great fabric!

celkalee said...

You are so right Leah. After multiple complaints about our local Joann's, customer service has improved. Not great, but better. I live in the land of Many quilt shops. Most are gracious and helpful. However, one shop where I have purchased a fortune in fabric has an employee who is the most rude sales lady I have ever known. I stopped going there and I tell everyone, including the owner, why. She is related to the owner so nothing is going to change so I will. We must be proactive to get what we deserve and what we pay for...... OK, I'm done.

Carol said...

Customer service is the key to any successful business. If the store is not friendly and knowledgeable
it is not the place to shop.

Mirna said...

I hate going to Joann's. I haven't experience rudeness but they aren't the friendliest nor the most experienced. I have a Beverly Fabrics here in Monterey and Love Them! The staff is very knowledgable and are so willing to assist you.They carry great fabric. I love Michael Miller fabric. It is always well made. Keeps its colors and very little if any shrinkage. I do purchase fabric online but usually stick with . Get on their mailing list and you get emails with sales and coupon codes. Very Happy with them. The hard part is waiting for it to arrive since they are in the Georgia and I am in California. I love seeing my UPS guy.