Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sewing Supplies List

#1 Start by getting a basic Sewing Machine. Tomorrow we will talk more about different sewing machines.
#2 Fabric and Thread
I would buy fabric that you love. I have always bought fabrics that speak to me. The reason I suggest good quality fabrics is if you happen to make a mistake you will try harder to fix the mistake therefore learning from it. If you buy fabric you have no attachment to, when you get to a mistake you will let it sit there and most likely quit.
#3 Simple Pattern(s)
Try to start with a pattern that uses only straight stitching skills.
Next week we will cover online sites, books and simple patterns that are perfect projects for the novice seamstress.
#4 Scissors/ Rotary Cutter
Sharp pair of scissors, pinking shears and rotary cutter/ cutting mat
#5 Pins and needles
pins, hand-sewing needles, extra machine needles and pin cushion!
#6 Seam Ripper
The seamstress’s magic eraser is the Seam Ripper. 
If you make a mistake 90% of the time you can rip it out and try again.
If you make a mistake, just remember you have learned something new!!!!
#7 Pointer
I use a chopstick
#8 Weights- to hold the paper pattern templates down on top of the fabric. 
Large fishing weights or cans from the pantry work great!
#9 Tailors Chalk/ water soluble pen.
To make marks on the fabric.
#10 Iron/ Ironing board
These 10 sewing items are needed for almost any project.
If I left off anything please don't hesitate to post the item(s) in a comment and share!

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tran bao ngoc said...

Wow…Thanks for including my mini bean bags. What a great list of projects. Too scared to open up each of the links for fear of what it will do to my ‘projects I want to complete’ list lol!