Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sewing Machines For Beginners

Choosing a sewing machine is a very personal thing.
Everyone is different, however as a beginner I really believe there are a few basic qualities you need in your first sewing machine.
Qualities in to Look for in a 
Sewing Machine
1.) foot pedal (so you can adjust the speed with foot)
2.) straight stitch
3.) reverse stitch
4.) zigzag stitch
5.) buttonhole stitch
6.) zipper foot
and 7.) easy to read manual
You might want to start by borrowing a sewing machine from a friend or neighbor. If you have an older model make sure it is in good working condition before you start. The worst thing to do is start sewing on a machine that doesn’t work properly. You will become frustrated and quit.
(Just like starting to play a new musical instrument you want to learn to play on a good quality instrument.)
You might think the problem is you and it is really the machine.
Here are some helpful Sites!
My personal favorite beginner machine...
This is what I started with and I loved it. It is not expensive, under $100. There are many great inexpensive machines to start on!
Then, I upgraded to this a Brother SE-270D embroidery and sewing machine combo. It was a christmas present from my husband.
He did such a good job! ;)
Finally, over the summer I bought this the Brother PC 420!! I love it!!! It is so sturdy. I guess, I love Brother machines!
What machine(s) do you have?? Please share what model and make and your sewing machine experience.
We would love to hear from you!!!


That's A Stitch said...

I love Brother machines as well. I currently own Brother XR9000 (sewing) Brother LB6800 sewing/embroidery combo and Brother PE700II (embroidery only). I recommend Brother machines to anyone but especially any beginner. So easy to use out of the box and instructons you can actually understand.I gave my first one to my sons girlfriend and purchased XR7700 for one of my nieces who is leaving for college in October.

Sandy said...

I love Brother machines also! My first one was the basic Brother model you shared in this post, and I have since upgraded to the Brother SQ-9000. I recently introduced a friend to sewing and she bought a Brother (on my recommendation) and loves it! The basic model that she bought comes with a DVD that shows you how to thread the machine, bobbin, etc. so it is great for a beginner.

Bethany said...

I started off with a very inexpensive Singer (I think model 8280?) it was a wonderful machine to learn on. I now have a Janome 7330 and I love it. the only other machine I want is the Janome Horizon--one day :)

Very Crafty Mama said...

i love my Viking Sapphire! had a Janome once, I never liked it.

The Tiny Homestead said...

Mine's an Elna. I love it. Any problems I have sewing are because of me- never the machine stitches.

Anonymous said...

My 10 years old has a dream of being a famous fashion designer. She would love a sewing machine for Christmas. Either of us really know how to sew. What would you recommend?

sewandvac said...

Everyone needs a beginning sewing kit to get started sewing. This is a list of everything you need.