Monday, April 23, 2012

Jo-Ann Fabric Game!

This game has to be played on the weekend, when there are a lot of customers shopping. Most Jo-Ann Fabric stores have a number ticket thingy, at the cutting counter. You have to have one in the store you are shopping in, to play this fabric game.
How To Play:
Step 1: Go into Jo-Ann's Fabric store and grab a number at the cutting counter. (10 Points)
Step 2: In the amount of time it takes your number to be pulled and called, pick out your fabric.(10 Points)
Step 3: Get your fabric cut and buy the extra thread or notions you need for the project. Be honest, if you need thread in that color buy it. (10 Points)
Extra Points: this is where your coupons will come in handy.
Your project is under $20, 10 Points!
Your project is under $10, 20 Points!
Your project is under $5, 50 Points!
You can wear your project on Monday (the Monday after your weekend fabric shopping trip), 100 Points!

30Pt (for step1-3)+20Pt (project was under $10)+100Pt (fished project)=150Pt
This game is even more fun with friends that sew! I play this game by myself just to see how quickly I can get inspired to make something beautiful! We can even play together! I have made a Jo-Ann Fab Gamer Flickr Group so you can add your project to the group and tell us your score. I do not have prizes yet but that would be a lot of fun. This is just for fun!!! There are no prizes, well, not yet. Tell me what you think and join the Flickr Group!Thanks!


joen said...

Funny thing about Jo-Ann's I stopped on my way home from work on Friday (Vogue patterns were on sale!) I park and notice my daughters car in the lot, then as I'm walking into the store I see my niece's mom coming out, then while in the store I run into my friends daughter. Guess this is the hot spot for Friday on your way home from work...i.e. stopped for two vogue patterns endend up spending $69 fabric was on sale and I need supplies for a table runner project I signed up for.

celkalee said...

sounds like great fun. there are three Joann's in my area. none use the ticket system. we get in line, jockey for position, sometimes odd looks are exchanged. for those unfamiliar with the "system" I try to be kind, direct them to the proper area or let them in front of me to avoid incidents. And believe me, there have been incidents, unpleasant. all in all it works but not really any fun!

Anonymous said...

Found your lovely blog on Pinterest. I'm your newest follower. You can check mine out if you want. Just click on my name.