Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Tulip Blouse Sewing ePattern

If you have been looking for a new spring pattern,  this is for you. I first made this design last year when my husband took the kids out and left me at home to create whatever my heart desired. Within minutes I had sketched this blouse out and was sewing. It is a really quick project and I hope you enjoy it. 
I don't always have hours to spend sewing, so I adore short fast projects like this one that only take minutes to put together and looks like you have been to a boutique.
Here are some tips to help you with the Tulip Blouse.
* Brother machine shirring.
* Choose light to medium weight fabrics for this design.
*If you are not sure about the shape of your first blouse, baste stitch the shoulders and sides of the blouse panels and see if it fits.
Look for the kids size soon here at Sew Spoiled.

If you make a Tulip Blouse please show it off and post it at  your Sew Spoiled Project on Flickr! I can't wait to see your Tulip Blouses!


celkalee said...

while I followed your posts on this great top I didn't have time to comment. Just wanted to let you know that I think this is such a great idea, I want to do one myself. I need to dig around in the stash find the right fabric.

Deb said...

I want to try out this tutorial. the scariest part for me, is finding the proper fabric to use. Only have a Joanns and Hobby Lobby. I just made my 1st skirt in XXX years and I'm not happy with my fabric choice. Any suggestions?