Monday, April 16, 2012

New Business Cards!

I spent this weekend making these business cards with my husband. We went through many different designs until finally, I remembered my chevron collection post and well the rest is history. These are Avery 8859, high gloss, double sided printable cards. The back has all of my information.
Now I can print out as many as I need.
Look what I found on Etsy! This hand sculpted card holder is adorable.


celkalee said...

Love the cards. I am one of those who believe that everyone needs a card. Personal or business, they are valuable for many reasons. I need to update mine (used for custom sewing business that I no longer have) but I still have hundreds left. Seems a shame. The blue you chose is very fresh and happy for want of a better word.

@pril said...

How freakin' adorable they both are. Thanks for sharing!


khusbhu said...
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vinay bhardwaj said...
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Sweet Fairy said...

These are great cards. They will help me so much in designing my plastic business cards. I really appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing.