Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Zip Zap Purse Tutorial

Fabric A: Cut 2- 7”X 9”
Fabric B: Cut 2- 7”X 9”
Lightweight Interfacing: Cut 2- 7”X 9”
7” zipper
Bias Tape
Step 1: Cut out all of the pieces; Fabric A: 7”X 9”, Fabric B: 7”X 9”, 
and Lightweight Interfacing: 7”X 9”
(The greatest part about this purse is that you can make it any size you want!! 
Just cut out all of the fabric pieces the same size.)
Step 2: Fuse the Fabric A and interfacing together.
(You do not have to use interfacing especially if your fabric is a heavier weight like home decor fabrics.)
Step 3: Place the zipper foot onto the sewing machine.
Step 4: Place the Fabric A face up, zipper face down and the Fabric B face down. Sew across the top.
Step 5: Iron and topstitch Fabric A across the top of the bag.
Step 6: Now layer the bag again new Fabric A panel facing up, zipper down and Fabric B face down, 
pin and sew.
Step 7: Iron and topstitch Fabric A across the top of the bag.
Step 8: Pin the bag pieces together.
Step 9: Pin the binding in place and test it out to see if the length of the strap is correct. Bind the bag.
Step 10: Decorate it with buttons, rick rack or ribbons! 
Enjoy your fun Zip Zap Purse!

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