Sunday, April 1, 2012

Turtle Pet

My husband found this little guy trying to walk across the driveway. He is the size of a quarter and is super cute. My first reaction is take it back outside but my daughter wants to keep it. She has already name it Shelly. My husband and I call him Sheldon (we watch Big Bang Theory).
Any suggestions on how to keep this little turtle happy?


Dad Wms said...

My daughter had one of these red-ear sliders from about Kindergarten through 3rd grade. He grew to be about 5 lbs (i hear that they will adapt their size to the aquarium size). We homeschooled and he became very used to our routine and a bit interactive. Unfortunately, they are high maintenance as filters clog too fast, water gets grimy quickly, but we loved him. Kept an immersion heater in his water (from the pet store) which he played with too rough and it ended up overheating the water and poor Mikey with it, to his sad demise. They love to eat pill bugs and guppies which are tossed into the water. There is good turtle food out there too to keep them healthy.

Sew Spoiled said...

Thank you for all of the information. I really appreciate the help. So far, Shelly has been really happy with his aquarium filled with water and a few large rocks in the center. I will look into the heater. Thanks again!