Monday, June 18, 2012

Getting Organized!

I have been carrying around a slouchy medium size shoulder bag. I carry everything in it from kid toys to makeup but there are no pockets. Everything is in a big messy pile at the bottom, that I have to sort through before reaching what I need.
So I made a...
I loved Sweetbriar Studio's pattern! It is super easy! I love the simplicity of the design and it is the perfect fit for any medium size bag. I only made a few changes.
Zippered pockets come in handy for thing you don't want people to see when opening your bag.
I wanted to be able to pick up the organizer and transfer it to another purse easily. If you look into my closet I have all of the Sew Spoiled prototypes and bags that I have made over the years. Really I should get rid of some of them. 
 I have never topstitched the edges of a bag before but I like the look and it made the organizer stand up. I am going to make another Ladybug Shoulder Bag and this is perfect for that medium size bag.

Yes, this is more like it. Now I can find my sunglasses, wallet, gum, etc. in seconds!

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Christie Minchew said...

WOW, Leah, you did a fantastic job on that organizer! I love the special touches you added to make it work best for you, too. I'm glad it worked out so well and thanks so much for including me in your blog :).