Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My $15 Swimsuit; Part 1

I am writing this in a 3 part post.
Part 1, Finding Lycra
I have always wanted to make all of my own clothes and bags but there are a few things that I have not ventured out and tried. Swimsuits are just one of the many garments, I have always bought not made. This year I thought I would give it  a try. Especially after shopping around and seeing the prices, $50-100. First, I set out to find lycra or swimsuit fabric. I do not live close to a mega fabric world, so I had to go online. Here are a few online shops that carry lycra.
I bought this green lyrca at Bikinis N Beads Supply. It is a small Etsy shop, that has recently opened in April. I found her prices reasonable and the shipping super fast. 
The fabric with shipping was $14!!
To sew lyrca you need to have a stretch needle and use the zigzag, stretch stitch that looks like the lighten bolt. I have a serger, so I used a 3- thread overlock stitch. You do not have to use a serger because lycra doesn't unravel.
Now that I have the material, I need a pattern. 
That will be tomorrow's post.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this! I want to make some swimsuits for my girls this year. This will help!

Susana said...

Estoy haciendo su tutorial cubo bolsa la forma de hacerlo no la había visto,gracias .Un traje de baño,para mi son palabras mayores .El tejido es difícil de manejar,la estaré viendo.Cariños.