Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My $15 Swimsuit, Part 2

After finding lycra, swimsuit fabric, I needed a pattern. There are a ton out there for kids that are adorable. Here are 4 super cute kid suit patterns! 
But I wanted one for me:)
So back to searching a women size swimsuit.
Not bad, only $3.50 but uses a lot of fabric and it looks a lot like my last swimsuit from last year.
So next!
Cute but my bust is small and I needed to be able to swim! If I had to grab a kid in a hurry, this suit would not be very helpful.
The Alison Swimsuit pattern is the pattern I used. It is free at Burda!!! 
There are 4 blogs with more information on the pattern. 
Here they are...
Of course I could not stop there. There are so many great tutorials out there!
Here are a few more..
I hope this is helpful. Swimsuits are hard enough to shop for in the stores. Trying them on can be torture. At least when you are making your own swimsuits you are in total control and can change whatever you want/need to.
Tomorrow's post will be about how to construct your suit with helpful tips and tricks.

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