Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sew Spoiled Wave Shoulder Bag

This is the Wave shoulder bag. I am still working on it. I love the outside but I am currently working on the lining and pockets. My hopes are to finish it soon and start a Wave Bag series that includes a handbag, wristlet and more.  Speaking of pockets, what do you like/ dislike? For example, I love pockets the more the better but I don't like it when they droop open at the top and catch on everything you put inside. The interior of a bag is just as important as the exterior. When I make a bag, I usually think about it's uses, that leads me to pockets and design. This bag would be great for carrying so many things like an iPad (or tablet device), business papers, planner or kid coloring books and crayons. 
Let me know what your thoughts are.


Shiny Green Penny said...

I adore this bag, I just wish there was a pattern available now. I love an outer pocket to shove in keys and loose items on the run. I prefer a purse insert with multiple pockets on the inside. It would be great to have a coordinated insert with the pattern.

Mrs Jones said...

I love having a combination of zipped and open pockets. I also prefer it when the linings are light.

Lynne Tilley said...

I agree with both of these comments: I love a lighter interior lining so I can "see things" better. I also love to have an insert with lots of pockets, but mainly a slip pocket on the outside for my cell phone and/or keys. And a zipper slip pocket on the inside. ADOREABLE design, just love it. Anxiously waiting for the completed pattern.

Ginger said...

I am an interior pocket person, the more the merrier. I like some open and some to have zippers or a snap. You could make an optional inside large pocket to hold ipads. And I like a pocket large enough to hold my iphone. I don't really like outside pockets because I'm afraid my stuff will fall out or someone might take it. I also like zippered top closure so my stuff doesn't fall out, you know how kids can easily dump out a purse.

Sew Spoiled said...

Wow! Thank you for all of the input. So many possibilities….
outer pocket
pocket insert
zipper pockets
slip pockets
large pocket for iPad
You will be the first to know when the pattern is available. Thank you again for sharing all of your thoughts, the more the merrier. We love pockets!