Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Flip Flop Fest!

It is super easy to dress up any Flip Flop with your own personal style. You can use ribbon, tulle, balloons, buttons, yarn, fabric or decorative flowers, just to name a few. 
I decorated these red flip flops with blue ribbon for a 4th of July outfit.
I found these flip flops last year at 5 Below. I loved that the straps are made from fabric not plastic.
With fabric straps I was able to sew on the bows.
Here is my Flip Flop Pinterest board. Simply click on the picture below and follow this board if you love Flip Flop ideas.
If you would like to join it please feel welcomed to it. I couldn't possible post all of the great tutorials out there so I pinned them for you. This also allows the list to grow!
Happy Flip Flop Fest!

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