Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cooking with Your Kids

Cooking with your kids can be very rewarding. However you have to be ok with messes and use a large amount of patience.
Here are a few tips to making the experience fun for everyone...
  1. Start with an easy recipe. Something that uses only a few ingredients. 
  2. Make sure to wash your little ones hands. We also leave a chair at the sink so they can wash in the middle of making a recipe together.
  3. It is ok to get messy! That is part of the fun. If you want to have less mess place clear wrap over the counters and tie aprons on.
  4. Taste testing is a must. But not raw meat or egg, yuck! 
  5. Take the time to talk while the baking or cooking is going on. What is on their minds? 
  6.  Let them do as much as possible. When I was nine I was making dinner. Show them how to cut and protect themselves using the oven. If we never show them, they will never learn.
  7. Let them clean up and put things away as you go.
  8. Make the place you eat special. Use the good dishes, eat in a fort you just made or have a picnic.
  9. Share what you make with others. Food is best served with company!
  10. Laugh! Smile! Retell the fun you had in the kitchen together.

Recipe cards

Crazy Cake
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