Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Kids are Home, Now What???

This weeks theme will be how to keep your kids active over the summer. Now that school is over the kids are home and ready to start summer break. This week is filled with fun activities that won't break the bank. 
I like to start the summer by making a list of things the kids would like to do and I would like to do. This becomes our summer bucket list. Some of the things on that list this year are to go to the beach, make a trip to see the Grandparents, see the movies Monsters University and Despicable Me 2, go to the Marbles Museum, Vacation Bible School and tennis & dance lessons. These are big things spread out throughout the summer.
We have made an "I'm bore." Jar. A lot of times kids start to expect parents to entertain them when they get bore. Creating an I'm bored Jar gives them something to do so that they can entertain themselves. Create it with them, kids are smart and might add suggestions that they like to do.
Some of the items in our jar are...
do a puzzel
use play-dough
Create something in your easy bake oven
have a tea party
make a fort
play outside
make paper dolls
play a board game with sibling
read a book
write a story
create a muppet show
make a new instrument with recycling
write a letter to a family member
make a puppet with a brown lunch bag
use legos
play Just Dance on Wii
clean bedroom
play dress up.
These are items that they can do on their own.
I hope this list helps.

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