Thursday, June 13, 2013

Going Out this Summer

Here are some places and tips to making your summer budget last longer.
  1. Go to the $1.00 theatre. Actually our dollar theatre is $4 for adults now but that is still cheaper than going to the bigger theatre.
  2. Find a pool. 
  3. Walk around. In the summer it is hot so the girls and I love to walk around the mall. We window shop and get exercise. 
  4. A lot of places run $1 kid cones. McDonalds have $1.00 vanilla cones.
  5. Go Bowling. Some bowling allies run specials all summer long. You can even get summer passes. Get 2 free passes per week!
  6. Check out your Libraries! Our library runs a reading program. 
  7. Go to a museum! Many museums have camps and summer programs.

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