Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Give Your Library Bag Some Character

Start with a character from a children's book. My oldest enjoys Judy Moody, so we used one of her books to make the character design. Coloring books work well for tracing images because you need an image with one color. At the back of this activity book there was a picture of Judy Moody for kids to make their own t-shirts.
After tracing the picture with Silhouette, we wrote "I heart books" and flipped the image. We were ready to cut it out. 
Silhouette does all the work. Set your Silhouette to a slow speed (2-3) and thickness (3-4) for best results.
We took off the excess vinyl and this is what we were left with...
Iron the image down to the face of the bag. Make sure your iron has no water inside it and you are on the highest heat setting you have. Press directly on top of the plastic. I know the first time I did this I thought it was crazy and it went against every fiber of my being but you have to do it!
We added a bow and button for fun.
Don't forget to read with your kids.
Have fun creating! 

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