Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to Monogram a Casserole Carrier

These casserole carriers are so cute but how do you embroider the handle, if you only have single needle machine and the handle on the carrier doesn't open up? Most of these carriers have a single handle that is stitched to the zipper seam. I am going to show you how easy it is to embroider the handle even if you have a single needle machine. 
You can find carriers like this one at Carolina Pottery, Ross, Tuesday Mornings or Home Goods. To find them online go to Sew For Less, All About Blanks (These carriers are easier to embroider on b/c the handles detach.) and the Coral Coast (She sells the blanks too). I found this one on sell because the white was marked up. (Which a mixture of peroxide and dawn took care of.) Originally marked $12.99, it was a red ticket item so we got it for 1/2 off, $6.50.
Step 1: Open up the zipper seam that has one side of the handle inclosed in, it is topstitched and there is binding holding all of the layers of fabric together so open it carefully. 
Step 2: Embroider the handle. When embroidering the handle in this direction you will have to rotate the design so that it reads on the casserole case correctly.
Step 3: Sew the carrier layers of fabric together and then stitch the binding back over the zipper and the insulated fabric layers. 
Step 4: Topstitch over the handle.
Now it is ready to use!! My $6.50 carrier looks like a $35 one!! If you are able to find a carrier that has the velcro handles that open up, buy that. However, if you can't find a carrier with handles that open, now you know how to embroider it!! 

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