Monday, July 21, 2014

Mac Embroidery Software!!!

If you are looking for embroidery software that will resize, adjust and combine designs together. Look no further! Embrillance Essentials does all of that and more. For the first time, I was able to use my Mac to create embroidery designs for my Brother PE-770 embroidery machine. The PC I was using in the past was so old that I was afraid it might not even turn on at all. Embroidery was the only reason I kept the old PC. Now I am confident that my Embrillance Essential software will work on my much faster Mac machine. Maybe I can get rid of the old PC machine for good. If you are a PC user you can download the PC version.
I use Dropbox to organize all of my embroidery files. This is a great and easy way to save all of your embroidery files. Not to mention all the time you will save searching for files. You can also access them anywhere.
When you open a design file in Embrillance you can view it first and then open it in the program. I love how Embrillance tells you the stitch count for each design. The stitch count is how many embroidery shops price their services. Now you can too, by seeing how much thread you will actually use.
After creating the embroidery file I transfer it to my machine via flash drive. I love the baste stitch feature in Embrillance because once you press the little button the entire design is baste stitched around. Personally, I don't like to hoop the fabric because you can get hoop burn. 
This is a great example of how you need a program like Embrillance. This cute font is Kaylee sold with 26 upper case and lower case letters at the Monogram Font Store. If you want to create a word or name you have to put the letters all together. Embrillance lets you merge the stitch files together to create words or names. After placing all of the letters together, I was able to remove under stitching. (Excess stitches that overlapped.) You can re-size embroidery down to half and up to 250%! I can't say enough about this product. I hope you give it a try. There are video tutorials if you want to see it in action and you can demo it on your computer before you buy.
Best wishes and tons of Stitches!


Katherine Phillips said...

I certainly agree with everything you have mentioned. I was a new "monogrammer" and Mac user last July and feel in love with the program. The user friendly format of the program as a beginner and even more features I've learned as I've progressed with my embroidery! Love it!

Linda Trerotola. said...

I've just gotten the Embrilliance software and am still navigating its features like downloading a font into the program. Didn't know about the basting stitch, so thanks! Am enjoying this software. And also just downloaded Dropbox.