Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Longchamp Monogram Bag

I love my embroidery machine, it is a Brother PE 770 and it is perfect for all of my projects. In the picture below, I am monogramming a Longchamp style bag. With the new Essentials software, it is simple to save my personal monogram as a embroidery file with basting stitch. Once the embroidery machine is loaded with the correct stitch file from Embrillance, Essentials, I line everything up and set it to work. 
This bag is made from nylon and it's texture is silky smooth. This is not a real Longchamp bag, I just can't swing a $150-$200 bag on a teacher budget but it is very nice. For instance, we were caught in the rain at church, I mean torrential downpour, and this bag is waterproof. I wiped the water right off and it was like the rain never happened. I looked like a drowned rat but my bag looked great!
 As you can see my machine stitched this up for me in a matter of minutes. I used a polyester thread that had the same silky shine to it. These bags come in all sorts of colors and since my handmade wardrobe can be a little colorful this is a great accessory!!
I like being organized and this bag has no exerior pockets and only one zipper pocket after I monogrammed the outside. That is not enough for a multi-tasker, so I turned to my purse organizer. However because this bag is so large my purse organizer just rolled around in the bottom of the bag. So I made this organizer especially for this bag...
As you can see in the above picture there are eight gathered pockets around the edges of the bag. I love this because the center of the bag can still be used for all of my larger items; cosmetic bag, iPad, book, wallet, etc.. If you would like this total package especially customized for you visit me at Sew Spoiled Etsy and place an order. 


Lynne in NC said...

Wow! Leah, this is one awesome set. Well done! and thanks for sharing on your blog, too.

Anonymous said...

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