Friday, July 18, 2014

New Job!

Sorry, I didn't post anything all week but my husband and I received new teaching jobs at the same school. We are so excited to start another adventure together. I will still post here about sewing, embroidery and crafts but I just wanted our readers to know we got a little sidetracked this week and for a good reason new jobs! During the day, I am a music teacher. I love teaching children and showing them how to express themselves through music. At night, I am a seamstress. Teaching all ages and skill levels about sewing.
As if getting a new music teacher job isn't enough! You can find the Tailgate Teammate Tote available through Simplicity patterns!!! The Simplicity numbers are 1338 and S0634 on display. I love the cover. In the paper pattern you will receive the Tailgate Teammate Tote in 3 different sizes as well as a backpack and coin purse with key fob.
Go Tailgate Teammate Tote! It made it on the cover of the accessory section!!
Thank you for reading Sew Spoiled!

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Lynne in NC said...

Congratulations on the new job. It will be awesome to work at the same school, I'm sure.
I get so excited to see one of your patterns published by one of the big pattern companies. Inside I'm saying "I KNOW her! She's very talented."
What a fabulous week you must have had.
All the best,