Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What fabrics make great bags?

Sew Spoiled Wave Shoulder Bag
It is always hard to find the perfect fabric for a project. It can especially be hard for bag makers because we want a fabric that looks great but can be worn with everyday clothes. Lately, more of my wardrobe has been more colorful, with prints and designs that do not work with a flowery fabric bag. 
When looking around the web or Pinterest you might notice that most models of online shops are wearing solid color, leather handbags with their latest spring collections. So what should you do? 
Tailgate Teammate Tote
My suggestion is to find prints that are not as busy or work with fabric like canvas, linen or duck cloth. If you use a neutral color fabric you can add the colorful prints as the bags accents, lining or accessories (like fabric flowers, buttons, etc.). It is possible to also sew leather but if you are new to sewing I would start with cotton fabric first. 
Ladybug Shoulder Bag
So here are my suggestions...
  • Start with a cotton fabric.
  • Find a fabric that is the color you wear most.
  • Look for fabric that is inexpensive so you can make mistakes and still feel good about your purchase.
  • Have Fun!


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