Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fleece Jacket Makeover

Monogram heaven
This is a cute picture, it looks almost too perfect right? You guessed it, this jacket was too large and an eye sore in my closet. I do not remember how I received it but it has been hanging in my closet for years!!! I almost donated it this year and then I changed my mind and gave it a makeover. Now I love to wear it and it is a wonderful staple in my wardrobe.
Over size fleece 2
This is the original fleece jacket. The length in the sleeves and body of the coat were fine, so I left those alone. However, it needed adjusting under the arms and slim down the torso part of the coat.
Fleece jacket fix4
I turned the coat inside out and took a hoodie that fits and laid it over the fleece. Then I pinned the underarm and sides leaving alone the cuff and bottom hem. I had to take in the coat 4" from the underarm original seam to the new underarm seam. There are pockets on either side so I had to keep my stitches away from them.
Fleece jacket fix2
After sewing the underarm and side seam with my sewing machine, I decided to serge it to give my fleece jacket a finished look. Although if you do not have a serger, fleece does not unravel so this step is extra.
Serger 2
Look at the material just peeling away. Love it!
Embroidery 2
Next I monogrammed the left lapel with my initials. Now this is my favorite fleece jacket and a new staple in my wardrobe. Cost $0.00!!! Do you have garments in your closet that you pass over weekly?   Give them a makeover! Create new from old! I am going to dive into my closet and if I wear it I will leave it alone. If I never wear it, it is getting a Makeover! Makeover your closet today!
Happy sewing!

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Lynne Tilley said...

FABULOUS!! What a great idea. I have several pieces from the 80's and 90's when "oversized" was the big thing. They are really nice tops and jackets, but they are a little goofy looking in today's time :) :). Thanks for the inspiration!