Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sew Cool Machine for Kids

Miss K has been sewing since she was born. She would sleep as I held her in my arms sewing, so she is use to the humming of the sewing machine. Here is a picture of her decked out in Sew Spoiled Bags.
Born Bag Lady
Now she creates her own bags and clothes for her American Girl dolls. We will show off more of her talents later this year. She is so much better than I am. She received the Sew Cool machine for Christmas and we have been sewing up a ton of pillows and felt cuteness. Here is a short video with the machine at work.
It has 3 needles at the top and 3 needles coming out from the bottom, so it is really acting as a felting machine. There is a needle guard so fingers do not get in the way. The kits make for easy sewing. You don't even have to cut the projects out with scissors when you buy a Sew Cool Kit. The machine comes with fabric and pattern templates and they are a little more intense to figure out and put together. We did some research and you can use any felt fabric not just the fabric they provide, even though that is what is stated all over the packaging. The machine takes 4 AA batteries to operate. So far, we are impressed even though she know how to sew with a real sewing machine she found this to be fun because the projects are made quickly.

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