Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bag Fix

Monogram heaven
I bought this designer inspired foldable bag at Sew For Less. It is one of my favorite ready to wear bags. I bought it purely to monogram it in July of 2014.
Here are a few others that would be fun to monogram....
Amazon.com: NNEE® Water Resistance Nylon Tote Bag & Multiple Pocket Design
Amazon.com: Ecosusi Fashion Water Repellent Nylon Tote Shoulder Beach Bag Blue
I wore it out!! See the bottom of the nylon bag, all four corners had holes. Once it made it to this state, I couldn't continue using it. Until today, I pulled it out and decided to fix it. Every December 31, just like most people I suspect, I go through my closets and clothes. Looking through everything, I make a choice to keep, throw way or give to Good Will. I did not want to throw it way, I couldn't giving it to Good Will since I had monogrammed it. So I decided to fix it! This is a very basic bag. It does not have a lining.
I flipped it inside out and sewed across the two side corners.
The grey stitch line about an 1" from the edge fixed the holes in the bag.
TaDa! No more holes and it has life again! What pieces in your closet need a second chance?

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Barbara Carlon said...

Way to go, Leah! It's great to be able to mend and fix and get more use out of something. :)