Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear My Kids Stylish Coat ePattern, Part 2

I am making two Dear My Kids, Stylish Coats at the same time, so I cut everything out and pinned whatever I could together.
This technique is great for making a lot of the same thing, mass producing.
The sleeves, collar, back panels and the front pieces to the top yolk pieces were all pinned together to sew all at once.
This cut my time in half and gave me the ability to sit and sew for a longer period of time. (Also I did not have to change the bobbin thread as often.)
If you pin everything before you start to sew read over the instructions first! Do not pin any pieces that have to be sewn first together.
For instance, I did not pin the yolk to the back panels because the two back panels have to be sewn together first.
Next, I attached the back yolks to the sewn back panels, back panels to front panels and the sleeves to the vest like coat pieces.
That gave me 2 outer shells, 2 linings and the collars. This pattern is awesome and if you have not gotten it you should! These are adorable coats! If you have boys it is very versatile and can be adapted into a boyish style. I can’t wait to show you more! Remember the monthly Sew Spoiled giveaway will is next week so keep checking back!
Happy Sewing!

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