Friday, October 1, 2010

Sew Spoiled 3 ePattern Bundle Package Winner!

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Becky said...
I could spend hours telling funny family stories. We are a multi-generational funny bunch of people. And so is the family I married!
Way back in the late 60's my then 60+ [Grand]Mama and her 60ish Sister, Aunt Birdie, decided to drive from North Carolina to Florida to see one of their other Sisters. Aunt Birdie's 40ish confirmed bachelor son, Harry, was drafted to go along and help with the driving.
Mind you, this was before I-95 was fully constructed so there were many back roads traveled. 
Somewhere in Georgia, everyone needed a pit stop. They stopped at a small shopping center with a diner, a gas station and a few stores. After lunch they decided to browse the stores.
Always the pranksters, Mama and Aunt Birdie decided to don platinum blonde "hussy looking" wigs. (Their words.)
They walked up to poor cousin Harry and asked if he could give them a ride to Florida. Flustered beyond belief and not even recognizing his own Mother, Harry quickly blurted "No I can't I am with a couple of very nice old ladies!" and ran from the store.
Mama and Aunt Birdie took off the wigs as they laughed so hard they said it hurt. They met Harry at the car and asked why he looked so upset.
He was red as a beet and finally confessed that 2 ladies of ill-repute had tried to proposition him. Mama and Aunt Birdie did their best not to laugh. 
They didn't confess until they arrived at Aunt Nannie's home.”
Thank you for sharing your funny stories! I enjoyed reading all of these this week. I love family stories.
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Lynne in NC said...

What a great way to start my day -- with a laugh. Thank you!

Becky said...

Glad to share! I am so excited to have won!!!!