Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dear My Kids Stylish Coat Pattern

Well, I feel like I am a little behind with the Dear My Kids Peter Pan Collar Coat project because after I purchased the pattern this weekend, I found that last month there was a sew-along for this jacket at From the Igloo. At least now I can read about the whole process.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
The corduroy will be for the outer shell and cotton will be for the lining. The blue is for my oldest (the penguin) and the pink is for my youngest (the princess). This coat looks perfect for the fall! The fair is in town, festivals are popping up everywhere and with all of the outside activities these coats will be wonderful in the cooler weather. This lazy Sunday afternoon sewing in my sewing room with the windows open to the fresh fall air sounds wonderful!
Happy Sewing!


Twins Squared said...

I participated in the From an Igloo Sew Along and completed one coat so far. I still need to make the second one. The explanation on From an Igloo really helped me a lot. I ended up making the size 8 for my big 5 year olds. The length of the coat is great. The sleeves are long but it is nice to roll them up anyway to see the lining. The only word of warning I would give is that the fit is a little tight in the chest and armhole area. Have fun making yours and I can't wait to see them.

pinkorchid said...

They are so cute...Do you have any idea how much of each fabric will I need to make a size kinda in between 2T-3T? also where do you guys get your fabrics from? I mean I'm not one who sews very frequently, but love I can't bulk order. but the JoAnn near me does not carry such variant bright fabrics. Online ones have quite a lot for shipping :-(