Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I heart e-Patterns!

Let me count the ways! I love e-Patterns! These are just a few reasons why I heart e-Patterns.
Reason #1:
With a hard copy pattern making two different sized coats at the same time would have been tough. I would have bought two patterns (to save time) or traced the one pattern pieces (to save money).
This way I could make it again and again.
With the e-pattern, I cut the larger template out first, use it and then cut it down to the smaller size. I still have all of the sizes because they are on my computer!
Reason #2:
I can download them to my iPhone, at the fabric store I know exactly how much fabric I need to buy. E-patterns are easier to organize on your computer and I can insistently see what sewing projects I have to choose from.
My hard copy patterns are all in a box and I have to look through everything to find what I need. Usually I come across a pattern I have not seen for years because I forgot I even had it.
Reason #3
Once I had a costumer who bought almost every Sew Spoiled e-pattern available. Her hard drive on her computer died and she emailed me about what had happened. I looked up her invoices and sent all of the patterns directly to her again.
These are just  few reason why I like e-patterns. Why do you like e-Patterns? Please share with us why you buy e-Patterns.
Happy e-Pattern Sewing!


gina said...

Instant Gratification!

Can be sewing almost immediately. No waiting for the pattern to come in the mail!

Saves on shipping costs! I hate paying shipping!

Should I continue?


Jennwith4 said...

How did you download them to your iPhone?

LilyClaire said...

I love epatterns, I only print the pattern pieces, and until I am familiar with the technique, I "read" the instructions on the computer (which is usually sitting next to my machine!)

meegy said...

i love e-patterns because i hate waiting for patterns in the mail. and since I live in Australia, it takes twice as long and costs 3 times as much to get them posted to me.

I have bought patterns before and forgotten that I bought them before they've even arrived!

Lynne in NC said...

I love e-patterns for many of the same reasons you listed, although I do not have the mobile capabilities you speak of.
I also like shopping from the comfort of my home at any hour of the day AND getting the pattern within a few moments rather than days. It is so convenient.

Another added bonus is that most sellers will answer questions about their patterns, too. Well, at least Sew Spoiled does :)

joliesjunebugboutique said...

I don't even have to walk out of the house to get sewing stuff....Order pattern, read what I need, order fabric and notions online. Wait 2 days....get started! Plus I love Hawthorn Threads.....They are in New York, I am in New Jersey, I have awesome fabric so fast!

Erika said...

I am not really a fan of them for a few reasons (but I do like some for other reasons).
1 - they cost the same or more than a printed pattern and I still have to use my own paper and ink to print them.
2- you cannot sell many of them after you are done using them, as I would with a printed pattern.
3- there is a lot of extra work for larger items to tape and construct the pattern pieces.

I do like the instant gratification of having them and not having to go to a store or wait for shipping though. I think many "patterns" out there are just tutorials and many are even available for free. Places like sewingmamas.com has many patterns for free.

Sew Spoiled said...

OK, I have yet another good reason why I love e-patterns. Maybe the best reason to love e-patterns. Most e-patterns writers are women like you and I. We are mothers, wives, sisters and daughters who love to creative and want to share that creativity with others. I own 108 e-patterns that are not Sew Spoiled e-patterns! The main reason why is to support these women who love to create! Honestly, Sew Spoiled started because I was a stay at home mom at the time, who needed to help my family financially raise money so I could continue staying home with my two daughters. I believe we as women have to support one another and raise each other up!

Anonymous said...

never thought about backing them up to my phone! that's a great idea! handy for knowing what supplies you need. thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Epatterns (IMO) are idiot proof. They have detailed instructions along with pictures to help those of use who used to be pattern and sewing challenged. In the end you don't end up with simple results, but a wonderful looking item. I always feel like the authors of epatterns make me look good. People think I'm excellent at sewing, but truthfully I just have great instructors/instructions.

When I first started buying epatterns my daughter was in a size 1, she now wears a 5. I can still use the same patterns, I just print them off in bigger sizes. If it was a paper pattern I wouldn't have bought them again even if I did like the pattern.

I am with Erika on the cost issue when I'm buying a pattern for something I might not make more then one of. I guess I'm the biggest fan when it's a clothing item for my daughter.

Margaret said...

I like having a back up copy on my hard drive too!

dear my kids said...

I so agree with you!!!