Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cabrio Tote Sew Along: Lining Closed

Here are a few of the lining pictures from our flickr group. Everyone seems to be doing well! I can’t believe that we only have 4 more days! Hopefully if you have joined the sew along you are adding the finishing touches to your tote. Please remember to add your pictures to our Flickr: Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote Sew Along group. Not only is it fun to see what everyone is making but now you can also win a fun prize. Five Sew Spoiled epatterns will be awarded March 8, 2011 for theses photos...
1. Most Inspiring, 
2. Craziest Camera angle,
3. Loveliest Light,
4. Bag Making Magic,and
        5. "Oops, I meant to do That?"
Also when you submit a photo it might inspire someone else to sew their own tote.
These first two pictures are from tjachetta’s Photo stream. Thank you for sharing these great pictures of the lining and pockets.
This is just the lining and it is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
Sew Spoiled Tip: When you are creating a lining for a bag, it is smart to choose a bright fabric instead of a darker print.
This way when you dive into your bag to look for something, it does not look like the black hole.
This is my lining. I am working on the gathering stage in this photo. I love Amy Butler fabric!
Happy Sewing!

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