Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote Photo Winners!

These are the 5 Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote Photo Winners! Each winner can choose any Sew Spoiled Pattern from my Etsy shop. Please contact me at leah.sewspoiled@gmail.com and let me know which pattern to send you.
#1 Most Inspiring
#2 Craziest Camera Angle
#3 Loveliest Light
#4 Bag Making Magic
#5 “Oops, I meant to do That?"
Thank you for sharing all of your pictures! I have enjoyed the sew along! If you have not finished your tote please do and add it to the Flickr: The Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote Sew Along Pool. If you make a Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote please add your tote pictures to Flickr: The Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote Sew Along Pool
 We love seeing your successful sewing adventures.
Happy Sewing!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Thanks for doing this - I can't wait to try out another one of your patterns!!!

The sew-along has been a lot of fun & I hope to participate in another one soon.