Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Silhouette Fabric Applique Tutorial

You can buy the Silhouette fabric interfacing (sewable or clean cut) or you can buy HeatnBond (Sew or ultra hold).
The price difference is $5.00 for the same amount of interfacing (17” X 36”).
$7.99Screenshot2011-03-13at9.06.46PM-2011-03-15-05-00.png VS. Screenshot2011-03-13at5.58.34PM-2011-03-15-05-00.png$2.47
You can see what I chose.
Step 1: Cut your fabric and interfacing the same size. Make sure it will fit your adhesive mat. It works best on the thicker mat.
(This is the thin mat, I need to purchase a new thick media cutting mat. The green mat is the one you should use.)
Step 2: Iron the fabric to the interfacing and peel away the paper side.
Step 3: Place the fabric right side up on your adhesive mat. You want to use the thickest adhesive mat.
Step 4: Go to your computer, set up your applique design. Click send to Silhouette.
Step 5: Send the cutting job to your Silhouette.
Use the pink cap, set the speed to 3-5 and the cutting thickness to 25-30.
You might want to double cut, depending on the fabric you are using.
Step 6: Peel away the excess and then your applique.
Step 7: Use your beautiful applique!
Happy Sewing!


Jenni said...

This is so great! When they came out with the interfacing I figured that meant there were other products already available that would do the same thing I just wasn't sure what it was. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

April said...

I have been using Heat-N-Bond since before they said the Silhouette could cut fabric! :) I do love my machine though!

Katelyn said...

So you say to use the ultra hold...I own the heatnbond lite. Have you tried that? Would it work? Thanks so much for sharing!! I have been afraid to use anything but the silhouette brand with my machine.

Unknown said...

This is awesome, im so excited to try this... one question, does this have to be sewn around the edges (im new to all of this) lol

MrsT said...

Yes, or the fabric will fray along the edges.